International Academic Journal of Economics

  • ISSN 2454-2474

Investigating CRM (customer relationship management) correlation with brand image according to the intermediate function of brand equity (case study: dairying company Of Ashena in Bojnourd)

Fateme Mizaany

Abstract: This research is an applied one, and methodologically it is a descriptive, survey and correlational research. Statistical population of this research includes customers of Dairying Company of Bojnourd. Since statistical population of this research is more than 100000 people, and according to Morgan table with sampling error of 5%, we have chosen 385 people as research samples. In order to analyze data based on research hypothesis, we used descriptive statistic method, and for doing factor analysis we used SPSS software. For analyzing research hypotheses, we used structural equations with LISREL. The results of this research show that, this model is confirmed in factor loading and statistically it is significant and all of the correlations between variables are significant. The results also showed that there is a significant correlation (0.99) between managing relationship with customer and brand image. Significance correlation of managing relationship with customer and brand equity is also significant (0.79). There is a significance correlation between brand equity and brand image (0.36). According to intermediate function of brand equity correlation between customer management with brand image is also significant.

Keywords: CRM, brand image, brand equity.

Page: 18-26

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017