International Academic Journal of Economics

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Designing Incident Command System (ICS) on the Earthquake Disaster in Governor of Semirom City Focusing on Semirom Schools

Seyed Akbar Nilipour Tabatabai, Mohsen Etemadi and Mohammad Hassan Aghaei

Abstract: Semirom is the cities that the relative risk of earthquake is high. So there is possibility of irreversible catastrophe in any area of the country, including Semirom and its schools. The damage that the earthquake caused can noted non-structural damage. Part of nonstructural systems including all components and contents inside the building except the structural parts of beams, columns, floors and so on. Hence, to avoid human and financial losses, risk reduction management plans and incident command system for training centers is essential. Incident command system is a management system for the control, command and coordination of activity in independent groups to achieve the common goal inhibiting the accident and reduce human and financial losses and extreme damage is designed. In this study, to determine the nonstructural vulnerability reduction strategies in the schools of Semirom and organizational structure, group members and member’s tasks of the incident command system in Semirom schools and also estimate the degree of readiness of staff and students in Semirom in nonstructural vulnerabilities in the design incident command system, a self-made questionnaire has been created. The questionnaires, in two part non-structural damage assessment and performance of schools assessment designed then, using ANP analysis the data was analyzed and based on components of injuries in Semirom schools and components of performance indicators in Semirom schools, 47 priority from 299 items, obtained and on the basis of priority, incident command system in Semirom schools is designed.

Keywords: incident command system, earthquake crisis, Semirom

Page: 27-39

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017