International Academic Journal of Business Management

  • ISSN 2454-2768

Performance Appraisal of the Department of Education in Tehran using the EFQM Excellence Model

Akbar Milani and Mansour Kheirgoo

Abstract: Performance Appraisal is one of the influencing components in promoting the quality of governmental organizations performance. In the present study, the attempt is made to appraise the performance of Tehran Department of Education based on European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model. In this study, 8 dimensions of Total Quality Management (TQM) including resultorientation, customer-orientation, leadership and stability in objectives, process- and fact-based management, participation and human resources development, learning, innovation and continuous improvement of corporates’ development, and social responsibilities in Tehran Department of Education, were investigated. Applied method in this study is field, and standard questionnaire is used as the data collection instrument. Statistical population of the study totally consists of 120 individuals, namely assistants, heads of departments, chief of groups and experts, and staff officials of the Department of Education. However, based on Cochran formula, the sample size was estimated to 92. The results indicate that the highest and lowest performance levels of the organization has been, respectively, in customers results criterion (78.02%) and staff criteria (44.65%). Although the lowest percent of performance is associated with enablers (staff criterion), the gained score and finally, the performance percent in this scope (50.43%), is more than that of results (49.54%).

Keywords: performance appraisal, European foundation quality management Excellence Model

Page: 17-26

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016