International Academic Journal of Business Management

  • ISSN 2454-2768

Investigating the impact of traffic safety training on reducing risks and casualties of traffic accidents of elementary schools' pupils in villages of Salfechgan Arak axis in 2012 based onHealth Belief Model (HBM)

Gholamreza Bordbar and Majid Bordbar

Abstract: With regards to the very harmful impacts of traffic accidents on the body of society, one of the fundamental policies that actually are the infrastructure of discussion of reducing accidents is the subject of training traffic culture. The general aim of this study is to investigate the relationship of done trainings on the number of accidents and casualties of pupils' school zone. The statistical population of this research is elementary schools' pupils of villages of Salfechgan Arak axis (village of Ghale No- Malek Abad, Masoumiye, Karchan city) and selected sample is 109 students and 10 teachers of these schools. The method of research is field and through questionnaire distributed randomly between pupils that have passed traffic safety training courses. The results show the correctness of hypothesis; it means that there is a significant difference between knowledge factors and perceived susceptibility and perceived severity, as well as change of behavior before and after the training

Keywords: Education, Traffic safety, reducing the risks, traffic accidents, Elementary students, Arak villages

Page: 72-82

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016