International Academic Journal of Business Management

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An Empirical Study: Investigating the Relationship between “Use the Assistant of Mentors” and “Entrepreneurial Opportunities Recognition” (Case Study: Managers of Manufacturing Companies of Detergent Material)

Mahnaz Eskandarian, Khadijeh Karimi Fard,Fatemeh Moradi,Samira Babaei and Maryam Shahsavan

Abstract: The concept of knowledge and opportunity with combination approach is one of the major topics in the field of entrepreneurship because they identify the right business opportunities, is the basis for successful entrepreneurial process. In terms of subject domain, this research has done to investigate the relationship between Use the Assistant of Mentors and the Entrepreneurial opportunities recognition in Middle and Top Managers of Manufacturing Companies of Detergent Material, in terms of location domain, this study has done for Manufacturing companies in Karaj City, in terms of time domain, this research has been done on 2015.statistical population of this research constitutes the Middle and Top Managers of Manufacturing companies in Karaj City. The number of 140 people as sample size by using the Cochran sample size formula was selected. This research according to purpose is considered as applied research and in terms of the methodology, it is descriptive - correlation and with considering the time of data collection, this research is descriptive cross-sectional. Also for data collection was used Questionnaire method, data with statistical software in two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics by using Structural Equation Model (SEM) model was analyzed. All Hypotheses in level of 5 percent confidence were confirmed and the results showed that, Social factors and Also Use the assistant of Mentors have significant effect on Entrepreneurial opportunity recognition.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial opportunity, manufacturing companies of Detergent Material, Use the Assistant of Mentors

Page: 83-93

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016