International Academic Journal of Business Management

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Investigating the effect of inter-organizational learning on the performance of innovation in the supply chain of engineering and supplying automotive parts of Iran Khodro (Sapco)

Milad khajouei nasab

Abstract: This research investigates the effect of inter-organizational learning on the operation of innovation in the supply chain of Sapco company. This is a practical research in terms of objective and a survey-correlational research in terms of the method of data collection. Statistical society of this research is the experts, technical and non-technical managers of supplying chain of Sapco which includes more than 130 people. Inter-organizational questionnaire of ERIC T.G WANG (2012) and innovation performance of Jimenez-Jimenez et al (2008) was delivered to statistical society which finally 123 questionnaires were completed by the society. The validity of the questionnaires was confirmed by a number of university faculties. Then factor analysis was used in order to determine structure validity; since factor load of all items was above 0.5, it shows the validity of measurement tools. Stability of the questionnaires was also calculated using Cronbach's alpha coefficients. This coefficient was equal to 0.94 for inter-organizational learning and 0.89 for questionnaire of innovation performance. In this research, modeling of structural equations by LISERL software was used in order to test research conception model which the results showed appropriate fitness of the model; i.e. inter-national learning has a positive significant effect on innovation performance. Also the dimensions of inter-organizational learning have a positive significant effect on the performance of innovation.

Keywords: inter-organizational learning, innovation performance, structural equations modeling, supply chain of Sapco.

Page: 205-221

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016