International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Destination Loyalty in Sport Tourism Revisited: A Field Study

Roghaye Heidari, Akbar Heidary and Mehrnoosh DanaPour

Abstract: The return and re-demand of tourists depends on their satisfaction from destination. Their satisfaction, in turn, will increase the loyalty of them to destination. This study aimed to design and explain the destination loyalty pattern of football tourists in Tehran. This was a descriptive-analytic field study. The data were collected using library and survey study. The research tool was researcher-made questionnaire with closed questions. After confirming the validity (surveying experts) and reliability (with study and guide) of questionnaire, it was distributed among sports tourists. In this study, the simple random sampling method was used. The researcher attended at the place of several important Premier League football events in Tehran and collected the needed data by distributing questionnaires among the spectators (15-50 years old) who had settled one or more nights in Tehran for watching the event. However, the collected data from questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency, mean, and standard deviation). The data were analyzed at level P <0.05. In addition, the conceptual model of research was studied in inferential statistics section and the relationship between other variables was also determined. However, it was found that among the variables, the service quality, satisfaction, and image of destination had the greatest impact on loyalty of football tourists to destination in Tehran.

Keywords: Destination Loyalty, Sport Tourism, Soccer, Premier League, Iran

Page: 15-23

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016