International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

The Evaluation of Intended and Perceived Seventh Grade Mathematics Curriculum

Arezoo Poorang

Abstract: The curriculum is a thinking process for solving life problems. Also, it provides measures to use available resources to achieve desired objectives. To evaluate intended and perceived seventh grade mathematics curriculum, this study focused on textbook, intended curriculum framework in international studies, and students' performance in TIMSS test in Ijrud. From among 35 high schools in Ijrud, 15 schools were selected randomly. The population consisted of 532 students; however, 275 students were selected as sample. The seventh grade mathematics textbook in 2013-2014, TIMSS tests and study reports, student performance questionnaire, and researcher-made questionnaire based on TIMSS tests’ questions were used as research tool. Analyzing the content of book and running the test, the research questions evaluated the consistency and coordination of intended and perceived curriculum and consistency between intended seventh grade mathematics curriculum and TIMSS tests. Due to abnormality of data distribution, binomial test (ratio), Mann-Whitney (U) test, and chi-square test were used to test the hypotheses. However, there was significant difference between intended and perceived curriculum in all levels of content and cognitive areas. According to Mann-Whitney test, there was no significant difference between performance of boys and girls in perceived curriculum.

Keywords: Intended Curriculum, Perceived Curriculum, Seventh Grade Mathematics, TIMSS

Page: 48-58

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016