International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

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Aesthetics of Hussein Monzavi’s Sonnets (97-108)

Shahin Rashid Beighi

Abstract: Hosein Monzavi is one of the contemporary effective and innovative sonnet poets. He has validated the contemporary sonnet and has brought it to its peak. At a time when modernists lone-rode with sharp social and political themes and lyrics, Monzavi was successful in sonnet and love poems. His innovations in sonnet are unique. While he is committed to rules of traditional poetry, his poems are not copy. In general, his sonnets are totally different from sonnets of other poets, except two or three poems which are like poems of Hafez. The first collection of his poems (Sensational Sea of Your Eyes) reveals a major change in Persian Ghazal. Monzavi was influenced by music; this caused the musicality of words and creation of more pleasant lyrics.For transmitting his innovative thoughts and highlighting his poetry, Monzavi used aesthetic functions and imaginations. He makes non-literary words as literary by simile, metaphor, irony, and other literary elements.All images in his poems represent moments in his inner world. In fact, he reflects his inner spirit and character in his poems. Monzavi benefits from important factors of beauty to soft and make-up verses; this indicates his active and creative mind. He uses the best form of expression, which is characteristic of his poetries, for creation of more influential poems in reader's mind. This shows the popularity of his poetries. In sonnets 97 to 108, a chain of metaphors has created an aura of images which give the words a special glow. He also uses metaphor which is an important element in poetry and literature around the world. He uses metaphor in his poetries due to ambiguity and complexity of it. It can be said that he is metaphor-oriented and has created many innovations in this field. Along with similes and metaphors, he uses metonymy figure which creates peace and joy. Wherever he found it necessary to state the speech in ambiguity, he uses kenning.

Keywords: Hossein Monzavi, imagery, sonnet

Page: 73-78

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016