International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Study of problematic social situations of autistic students

AbbasAli Hosseinkhanzadeh, Seyyedeh Zahra Seyyed Noori and Roghaie Karimi

Abstract: One of the most prominent complications of autistic children is their weak social skills. So, this project was aimed at studying the problematic social situations of autistic students. The study design is a descriptive research using the survey method. The statistical population of this study includes all autistic students of Rasht, of which a sample of 52 students were selected using the availability sampling. Data collection was performed using the problematic social situations classification scale (Dodge et al, 1985). Results of this study showed that autistic students face the real problem in social situations “when someone of the same age has something like a toy or an object that the autistic student wants to have it, when someone has got some of his belongings and he wants to take it back”. It also showed that the autistic students have the biggest problem in situations like dealing with teacher’s expectations or responding to stimulations, and they face the least challenge while responding to a success. Given the results of this study, planning an interventional program based on the autistic children’s weak points is essential.

Keywords: Problematic social situations, Students, autism

Page: 79-89

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016