International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

The Effects of Cooperative Learning On the Academic Progress of Students

Bahman RahroZargar, Firouz RahroZargar, Samira RahroZargar and Sanaz Amani

Abstract: One of the challenges in schools is choosing the best teaching method. to achieve this goal, we should understand the student’s tendency. Most of the teachers believe that cooperative learning is a good method, which is one of the active learning methods. The main idea of cooperative learning is based on learning students from each other in small groups. Two important questions about this method are: How teachers can execute cooperative learning effectively? And how to teach students necessary skills of this method? The goal of this essay is giving an appropriate answer to this questions. Most of the people like the idea of cooperative learning, students happily help each other to learn easier, both students and teachers love these kind of classes. But for some of the teachers, cooperative learning instead of being a direct way to the paradise, is a noisy atmosphere. These kind of reasons make some of teachers not to use cooperative learning method in their classes, although there are obvious evidences in support of this approach. In this essay we will discuss about the items that have the most effects in this method’s execution.

Keywords: Cooperative Learning, Active Learning, Effect of Cooperation, Academic Progress

Page: 139-143

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016