International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

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Check stealing from the perspective of law and the Penal Code

Aboutaleb Ayaz

Abstract: Including theft crimes that in the long history of life and It could be said that from the beginning the collective life and the realization of the concept of ownership history and has always been punishment. Since ancient times, the caravan of human life on the path of law and order, among misconduct and theft have been banned. Because of the relative ease in comparison to commit robbery offenses such as fraud and obtained evident that a great deal of it is devoted to crimes committed in different countries. Iranian criminal law, since the approval of the General Penal Code in 1973 to the adoption of the Penal Code Act 1996, the provisions relating to theft, have changed drastically and to follow the developments, questions and doubts about the definition of theft and its regulations and the abduction of another person's property and its differences with the theft has occurred.

Keywords: crime, law perspective, the IPC

Page: 176-183

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016