International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Life skills training on the components of psychological positivism (hope and happiness) in irresponsible and orphaned children in Isfahan Province

Siavash Ahmadi, Leila Karimi Joozestani, Mansoor Abedini, Abdolreza Esmaeili and Salar Faramarzi

Abstract: Psychological needs of the orphaned and irresponsible children are considered as one of the first priorities of the community and especially the welfare organization. The aim of the present study is investigating the effectiveness of life skills on the components of psychological positivism (hope and happiness) in the irresponsible and orphaned children and adolescents in Isfahan province. The present study is a semi-experimental study with pre and posttest plan and control group (classic). The research population of this study includes all the orphaned and irresponsible adolescents of Isfahan city. The statistical sample of this study consists of 30 adolescents. The results of the statistical survey shows that the intervention of life skills training in both variables of hope and happiness has led to significant increase in performance in the test group compared to the control group in the posttest step. The independent variable in the dependent variables of hope and happiness explains 22% and 13% of the variance respectively. So it can be concluded that these skills increase the ability of individuals for effective dealing with the requirements of life and act as a primary prophylactic factor and enable the individual to accept the responsibilities related to his or her social role and to effectively confront to the challenges and problems of everyday life.

Keywords: Life Skills, Components of psychological posivitism, Hope, Happiness, Irresponsible and Orphaned

Page: 52-60

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016