International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Developing of Integrated Thematic Learning Model through Scientific Approaching with Discovery Learning Technique in Elementary School

Alif Mudiono, Muhana Gipayana and Suhel Madyono

Abstract: The purpose of this study describes teachers comprehension about integrated thematic learning of scientific based, development of planning integrated thematic learning model of scientific based with discovery learning technique in elementary school and the necessary of developing integrated thematic learning model with discovery learning technique in elementary school. The subject research is 22 teachers who are teaching integrated thematic learning in city and regency of Blitar. Based on the findings research indicate of comprehension development model with scientific approaching was obtained average 68,16%, application of development model 57,56%, approaching development 61, 83%, observing 62,14 %, questioning 54,55%, experimenting 47, 72%, associating 34,08%, networking 61,36%, compiling the lesson plan 68,18%, media development 54,54%, learning strategy 46,97%, learning scenario 62,66 %, keas management 56,82%, the necessary development model 63,89.

Keywords: Discovery Learning, Model, Thematic, Scientific

Page: 159-167

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016