International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

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Investigating the Role of Media Diplomacy of Generated News in TV Satellite Channels on Beliefs and Social Values (Case Study: British Broadcasting Company)

Hassan Amidi

Abstract: In the current era can said one of the purposes of media diplomacy is creating transnational emotional stresses, resentment and hostility toward the targeted country, apply political, military, cultural pressure other countries against the our country. Creating interest in audience in the targeted country to media programs of server country, legitimizes, and justifies the acts and psychological warfare or media diplomacy, agencies. To access these objectives, each media according to targets can have performance properties. In explaining the type of media, in the media diplomacy must be the first stage of psychological operations targets outlined. The need for information seeking and active recreation also can be a human need today has great importance so that one of the concerns of the country is occupy the leisure time of society. Today, based on the principle of competition between institutions, television has close relationship with the educational system and family and the media has an important role in guiding and control people especially teenagers and young adults. Today, satellites are as one of the main means of transmission of the social and cultural values, in the behavior of young people. Especially students and change their social behavior plays an important role in this respect, increasing satellites, the spread of freedom and the emergence of widespread corruption in society and the decline of pulling off some of the new generation. In the political sphere, Western media using the soft war tactics with the utmost professionalism has launched a broad onslaught against the Islamic Republic and by offering different programs tried quite accurate to change the attitude of the public especially the young generation to induce desired goals. In this study it tried to evaluate the performance of the leading media on this front, such as BBC Persian and the other purposes described them analyzed and evaluated.

Keywords: Media diplomacy, religious and social damage, psychological operations, cultural pressures, societal values, satellites, training role of youth

Page: 198-205

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016