International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Philosophy Tradition and Modernity from the Viewpoint of Sharia'ti

Parastoo Kolahdoozha and Hamid Abediha

Abstract: What can be the component approach proposed Shariati on the topic of tradition and modernity is to serve the analysis and approach him by two "traditionalism" and "modernism" is not easily possible. According to Sharia'ti, tradition and modernity have imitated as far as character, Basic in nature are overlapping. Tradition, a certain worldview, philosophy, language and literature and a set of specific social relations and specific human form. In contrast, modernity is the new world, a new life and a new way of being and philosophy of the school and move out, even though the school is different and contrasting. According to Shariati of "tradition" means a legacy of the past can never be for someone who does not remain in the form of inherited and backward, is correct and modernity choice for those who are "ideological packages" imported does not like, is not acceptable. In considering how to deal with the intellectual history of modern culture, the Shariati refers to three major trends. Cultural imitate the attitude of absolute and complete, the absolute negation of modernity and independent and informed third encounter with modernity. However this research to introduce the civil Shariati, the etymology and philosophy of tradition and modernity in his eyes and in the end his critique of tradition and modernity property.

Keywords: Ali Shariati, religious revivalism, tradition, modernity

Page: 213-231

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016