International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Transforming the school into a learning organization

Alireza Tavakoli, Sakine Saleh Darjani, Vajihe Faraji and Ainaz Fallah

Abstract: The need for schools to become learning organizations arises from the fact that the lack of confidence in the environment has increased with the increase of the complexity and the speed of environmental changes. As a result, organizations are of more need to extensive knowledge and awareness of environmental factors so that they can self-adapt to environmental changes. Therefore, schools and educational institutions should be amenable to learning organizations approaches. Since the role of education is very important in the development and the progress of the society, raising the awareness of the managers and other related elements to changes and developments in various fields should be taken into consideration more seriously. This cannot be achieved except through teaching and learning that in turn will be facilitated through the emergence of a phenomenon known as learning organizations. “Schools that learn” are similar to a learning community, where organizational learning is promoted, the test of experiences is emphasized, self-reflection in opinion and behavior is promoted, the possibility of creativity, innovation, and critical thinking is expanded, effective guiding ideas are raised, human beings are motivated to change and organize social changes through planning and strategic thinking and overcome the uncertainty and fear of knowing. Along with the presentation of a definition of a learning organization and the principles and rules which govern it, the process of transforming the schools into a learning organization through using other researches have been discussed in the present study.

Keywords: School, Organization, Organizational Learning, Learning Organization

Page: 79-83

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017