International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Comparative study of social asset in addicts and rehabilitated drug addicts in Gorgan

Rahmat Olah Amirahmadi and Hamidreza Yazdani

Abstract: Aim: The aim of this investigation was comparative study of social asset in addicts and rehabilitated drug addicts in the city Gorgan. Method: A survey was applied in this study. Statistical society included all addicts who introduced themselves to drug addiction rehab centers of Gorgan and had at least relapsed once and also all members of Society of Unknown Addicts of Gorgan who had stopped drug using at least one are before the study. Study sample consisted of 80 addicts and 80 ex-addicts who were collected randomly. A standard questionnaire of social asset was used. The data for two independent groups were analyzed using a T test and the software SPSS. Findings: The findings suggested that there were significant differences between the varieties trust, coherence, and contribution between two studied groups. However, there was no difference between the groups in terms of the variety awareness. Results: Since the rehabilitated drug addicts had higher social asset compared to the addict group, it can be concluded that attendance of rehabilitated drug addicts at helping groups like NA could have high impact on increasing social asset, and be of great importance to guide the newly rehabilitated drug addicts to keep stopping drug addiction.

Keywords: Social Asset, Addict, Rehabilitated, Trust, Coherence, Awareness, Contribution

Page: 84-91

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017