International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Barriers to Change Education with the use of new technologies in schools

Ameneh Soleymanzade

Abstract: The speed of chaining is so noticeable nowadays. Innovations and changing are new topics and education leaders as innovative try to improve the learning and teaching to acquire better educational results. ICT or information communication technology is one of the advanced instruments that help to these changes. All around the world, educational systems are under an increasing pressure to use new informational communicational technology to teach the students desired knowledge and skills effectively in schools’ programs but actually many barriers remain yet. Continuity work of ICT in teaching and learning is a complicated procedure and a person may face with a lot of problems. To facilitate educational planning, barriers should be recognizing to overcome them. Despite of raising smart schools and even transformation of some schools to these ones, likewise we observe non proper use of ICT in most schools in our country. The purpose of this research is recognition of barriers of training changes by new technology in Mazandaran province schools. Research method is descriptive that for collecting data about investigating of barriers in use of ICT we use questionnaire. Collected data were examined by t-test and Friedman test. Results show that many factors are recognize as barriers of changing the education system by new technology that most important of them are lack of economic funding, lack of training period in ICT field, lack of hardware, lack of adequate administrative support, lack of training programs with proper components, lack of teachers’ knowledge and skills in ICT and continuity of ICT and lack of educational materials and software.

Keywords: changing, information and communication technology, schools, teacher

Page: 112-119

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017