International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

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The Relationship of ADHD, ODD, and Parental Education with Educational Talent of Primary School Students: Large- Scale Study

Masoud Gholamali lavasani and Amin Taghipour

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors of predicting educational talent in preschool and elementary school children in Bonab city. This study is a descriptive correlational research. The statistical population were all elementary school students. Among the students a total of 1863 students were selected in which 863 (%46.4) students were female and 995(%53.6) students were male that were selected using single-stage cluster sampling. For this purpose, the talent- educational scores of preschool children who were referred to Sensing Center in the summer of 2016, were registered. The SNAP questionnaires were completed by the teachers and the data related to the parent’s educational level were gathered from associated schools. The data using multiple regression with simultaneously methods were analyzed. Results indicated that, the 4 indicators of mother's educational level (P<0.001) ، (0.191=β), father's educational level, (P<0.001) ، (0.158= β), attention deficit (P<0.001) ، (0.368- = β), impulsivity and hyperactivity (P<0.001) ، (0.135= β) have meaningful impact in predicting educational impact. But oppositional defiant disorder had no significant role in predicting academic talent.

Keywords: ADHD, ODD, Parental Education, Academic Talent.

Page: 145-152

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017