International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Sociological Analysis of Definitive Celibacy youth Iranians

Massoumeh Heidaryzargoosh and Ehsan Najafi

Abstract: Marriage in the Iranian Society of Golden Age. After that, Marriage Options becomes less and less as far as age is the definitive celibacy means age that Marriage minded a Person in your mind the thought of forever line. The purpose of this writing, Design and study Sociology definitive celibacy Iranian youth. Descriptive analytical research method and Information have been collected by way of documents; Therefore, Opinions and research Sociologists in this field Review and Provided. The Survey shows The celibacy reasons are unwanted and self-imposed. Including: Tend to have higher education in women and along with it an increase in the level of expectations, Wishes having a Spouse with high education, Find a wife with a steady job and a good income, Lack of courage and a sense of risk and fading religions beliefs, The lack of fit between the number of boys and girls reddy to get married, the rigor the families in the formation of children's lives, Increasing the eyes and the eyes for the qualifying celebration of marriage dowries, heavy- duty, unemployment and the high cost of housing boys.

Keywords: Definitive Celibacy, family, youth, marriage, relationships

Page: 46-53

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017