International Academic Journal of Humanities

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Identifying competencies of faculty members in Isfahan’s technical and vocational colleges, a basis in order to attract empowerment and evaluation (Case study on Shahid Mohajer technical and vocational school)

Afsaneh NabiPoor and Zahra Bakrani

Abstract: The aim of this study is to identify the competencies required by the faculty members of Isfahan’s technical and professional schools. The study is applicably target-wise, and its nature is based on survey method. The statistical society of this study is all the students in Mohajer technical and vocational school. Since we tended to apply exploratory factor analysis in this study to determine the effective factors, a sample of 400 participants was chosen via random sampling. The identified qualifications that were over 100 competencies were extracted by interviews made with faculty members, then put into a questionnaire, were replied by the students and by the use of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis were analyzed. According to the results received by exploratory factor analysis we recognize three factors composed of: entrance competencies, general competencies, and professional competencies. These factors are set respectively into this order: 8, 30, and 18. The results based on confirmatory factor analysis also approve of these three qualifications.

Keywords: competency, faculty, technical and professional, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis 23

Page: 23-31

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2015