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A study about amount of attention to environmental approach in the content of new third- grade social studies book

Naziasadat Nasseri and Gholamreza Hasanpour Dehnavi

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the environmental approach in the context of new third grade social studies book through content analysis. The population was all lessons of the new third- grade social studies book, also teachers who have been teaching in third-grade on 2013-2014 that their number was 115. According to Morgan and kerjci's table the number of teachers in the sample was 92 that they were selected by stratified random sampling. Gathering the data about teachers' views occurred by environmental questionnaire. Its reliability was 0.89 respectively by using the Pearson correlation coefficient in two runs in a group. In order to data analysis was used one-sample t test, t-test and one-way ANOVA. In content analysis section, including text analysis, image analysis and analysis of training courses, the results in the text analysis showed that, from the total number of 238 paragraph, 20 paragraph, about(8.40%) referred to on the topic of environmental literacy, 3.36% the environmental behavior and 0.84 % Referred to the topic of the environmental culture. The analysis of 184 images, showed that 10 images (5.43%) referred to the environmental literacy, 1.63% referred to environmental behavior, and 1.63% was associated with environmental culture. The analysis of 115 questions showed that 4 questions (3.47%) referred to environmental literacy, 1.08% of the questions referred to the environmental behavior, and did not refer to environmental culture. Also the teachers' views about the amount of attention the book, third grade social studies to environmental literacy, environmental behavior and environmental cultural were upper than the medium (p<0.0001). The results in this study indicated that the majority of respondents have been agreed with attention to the knowledge, attitudes and environmental behavior in the content of the book, and there was no significant difference between the views of teachers in terms of gender, work experience and education level about attention to education, culture and environmental behavior.

Keywords: Content Analysis, Environmental Approach, Textbook, Primary School a*corresponding author

Page: 5-17

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015