International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Design of Music house Inspired by Splashing Raindrops to approach Environmental Protection

Valiollah Ghasemi Gilvaei,Manuchehr Riahi and Afshin Param

Abstract: Comprehending the functions o f natural processes and threads can be an initiative for human societies to imitate and produce not only form, but also proper process and functioning. In this paper, the sound and shape of raindrops falling on a surface was used as a source of inspiration along with musical features such as rhythm, harmony, space and repetition to design a multi-purpose auditorium complex. This complex which was designed using the 3D MAX software is meant to serve as a place for holding conferences, lectures, galleries and concerts as well as a movie theater. The Post production software was also utilized to make some modifications on the design and the AUTOCAD software was used to generate 2-D plans. In addition to its bionic feature, this design acts as a reminder of the importance of Iran’s water scarcity issue the necessity of efficient use of rainwater. This issue can be further emphasized by building a musical fountain on the complex’s open grounds. The design of complex’s interior and exterior façades, structural form, and materials is based on combination of modern technology with innovative use of bionic design. The site envisioned for the design is located at the intersection of two busy streets in central Tehran where the absence of local artistic-cultural complexes highlights the design’s future influence on promoting social interactions in the area

Keywords: Raindrops, bionic, architectural design

Page: 137-144

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014