International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Manage of energy consumption of wireless sensor networks by controlling the radius of measurement

Sepideh Adabi and Hadiseh Sharifi

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks to monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, etc., from a number of nodes, are used. But these networks have limitations in energy that The main focus of this paper are management of energy consumption by controlling radius of measurement nodes. The approach of this paper, management of energy consumption by adjusting both the radius (sensory and receive / send) is. The results of the simulation show that the proposed method has acceptable performance compared to the SOM-based method in terms of the remaining energy of the nodes and coverage and the number of dead nodes

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, self-organizing networks, radius of measurement, management of energy consumption

Page: 146-152

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015