International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

The analysis of effective factors on house with approach of systems dynamics

Mahdi Nikfarjam,Mahdi Nikfarjam,Ahmad Hedayati,Alireza Amani and Hamid Ameri

Abstract: House is one of the most important components in the life of the society's people. Many elements are effective on determining the price and also house supply and demand, especially in metropolises. Definitely mere attitude on the house price behavior without considering the effective factors on it will not have any profit. Therefore, in this research with approach of systems dynamics, the effective factors on the house price in Tehran's metropolises are studied and analyzed. In this approach, by reciprocal casual loops and with considering the state and proceeding variables, the issue has been studied. Due to it, this issue can be studied comprehensively. For this purpose, after drawing the loop-form casual diagrams and state and proceeding diagrams by Vensim software, the simulation is accomplished and the house price behavior and also the effective factors on it are studied. The obtained results indicate increasing of urban facilities of other provinces of the country and also supplying the low-price house on behalf of the government and presenting facilities for construction of house lead to the balance in the house price and also reduce the price in the house market

Keywords: House price, house market, house supply and demand, systems dynamics

Page: 165-173

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016