International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Thermal-mechanical coupling analysis of Dump Truck Terex engine piston and investigating the causes of its failure

Ebrahiminezhad Rafsanjani,Fazel and Rezaeezadeh, Masoud

Abstract: One of the important and critical pieces of diesel motor is piston which is under simultaneous thermal loading. Obtaining the stress-strain response in these kinds of pieces which are under thermal-mechanical coupling loading is often difficult through laboratory methods. Therefore using of simulation by finite elements software is necessary for determining the stress-strain response in this kind of pieces. In this article, thermal-mechanical analysis of Dump truck Terex engine piston has been done by numerical simulation of finite elements and the causes of failure of empirical sample are investigated. At first, the model of real finite elements of the sample piston is created, then by creating valid boundary conditions and loading, numerical analysis is accomplished. The mechanical properties of piston have been considered according to the accomplished empirical tests. The results indicated that heterogeneous thermal expansion causes to wear the edge of piston's crown. Also two factors of mechanical properties and geometrical conditions are important in determining the factors of piston failure

Keywords: Piston, finite elements, thermal analysis, ABAQUS

Page: 186-200

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016