International Academic Journal of Innovative Research

  • ISSN 2454-390X

Impact of Moracin on Feline Fibroblasts Induced Oxidative Stress through Hydrogen Peroxide

Vitthalrao B. Khyade

Abstract: The potential regarding antioxidant activity of Moracin has been assessed through the use of hydrogen peroxide induced stress in skin fibroblast cell line culture (AH927). The results of the attempt showed that the Moracin offers protection against oxidative stress. And cell viability was found restored to that of control on pre-incubation with the Moracin. The fibroblasts pre-incubated with Moracin had significantly lower levels of catalase; lactate dehydrogenase and malondialdehyde activity when compared to untreated ones. This attempt indicates that, the Moracin is serving as a valuable antioxidant source and therefore, it may be used to treat the cancer cells

Keywords: Antioxidant activity, Fibroblast cell line, Hydrogen peroxide, Oxidative stress, Moracin

Page: 119-133

DOI: 10.9756/IAJIR/V6I1/1910009

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2019