International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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The principle of Territorial Jurisdiction and Beyond the Territorial Jurisdiction in International Criminal Law

Mehdi Rezaei Moghadam

Abstract: The principle of personal jurisdiction, beyond the territorial jurisdiction of one of the most important principles of the country of origin of the offender or the victim's nationality based on the element of truth in the criminal investigation is made abroad. In criminal law Iran ratified before the 1392 Penal Code only personal jurisdiction based on the nationality of the offender, it also without paying attention to some important principles International criminal law was adopted. Fortunately, with the approval of act 2014, great strides on the implementation of the principle of personal jurisdiction with accepted principles of international criminal law was removed, Including these developments; Non-compliance can retrial and jurisdiction based on the nationality of the victim among others. However, the law also included some drawbacks Non-compliance with the prohibition of retrial in our religious offenses because of, avoidance of opposition lawmaker with Islamic principles. While this article for library and analytical method after explaining the strengths and weaknesses penal Code 2016 according to international documents, outlines new regulations jurisdiction based on the nationality of the victim been considered

Keywords: Principle of Personal Jurisdiction, International Criminal Law, Territorial Jurisdiction, Beyond the Territorial Jurisdiction

Page: 18-23

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014