International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Basics of Right in Privacy and its Challenges in Juridical Systems

Ali Esmaeili

Abstract: Privacy is one of the fundamental subjects of human rights and one of the concepts of developed right systems, which has a close relationship with human dignity. Therefore, supporting and backing individuals` identity and citizenship rights require supporting privacy. In Iran`s rights system, privacy is not supported clearly and meaningfully, and indeed Iran`s stance facing privacy is explicit. Rights and freedoms as privacies are supported incompletely, implicitly among other right regulation. Constitution, Islamic punishment regulation, Penal hearing ethic regulations, information freedom regulation, regulations and rules related to postal, and phone communications, and press regulations are among the regulations that at times implicitly and at times explicitly have supported some instances of privacy, albeit in contrast to the regulations of the countries that support privacy clearly and in form of specific principles. In Iran`s constitution there is no specific context that supports privacy under this term. Therefore, in this research basics of right in privacy and its challenges in Iran`s rights were investigated

Keywords: Right in Privacy, Right Challenges, Juridical Systems, Citizenship rights regulations, Penal hearing ethic regulations

Page: 24-29

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014