International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Necessity of Alimony Payment in Civil Law

Mohsen Abedi

Abstract: A comparative study to explicate the principles, causes, conditions, and rulings of alimony and some of the related reasons can paint a clear picture of balance, fairness, and proportion for the society. The present paper aims to conduct a comparative study of wife’s alimony in jurisprudence and French civil law. The main issues to be investigated are: the principles and the necessity of alimony, the terms to revoke alimony, the criteria to determine the applicability and the amount of alimony, the consequences of non-payment of alimony, and the executive guarantees in jurisprudence and French law. Therefore, given the nature and type of a "comparative" study which is carried out in four steps, description, interpretation, juxtaposition, and comparison, this paper attempts to provide an answer to the main questions of the research through a descriptive method

Keywords: Payment Alimony, Civil Law, Necessity of Alimony

Page: 30-33

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014