International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Different Methods in Sale and Purchase Contract

Mohammad Esmaeili and Golnoosh Mansourian

Abstract: The sale contract is the most common factor in creating legal relation. We know that the ownership right is the most comprehensive right on properties and it creates strongest domination on them by human kind. Other tangible rights are the subdivisions of the ownership right; this has made mankind to spend its life for reaching to this right (ownership), this fact can be observed in the internal law of countries and even daily activity of people who want reach to ownership right more and more. We can also experience this fact in macro and international levels with studying different commercial, economic and political issues, it is clear that ownership is the final aim in this regard. Since it is the responsibility of law as a science to make order and legitimate relations of people together and prevents chaos and misuse, it has categorized these affairs as the “Sale Contract”, and it is evident that violating considered regulations leads the parties to lose the correct effect of the contract which is ownership. But in this regard, another considerable issue exists: internal laws of different countries have their own principles, cods and formalities and sometimes are actually different from each other. Even in the international level we have special rules as we can see some conventions such as Convention of Sale of Goods 1980 Vienna which mostly differs from the law of many countries. In these conditions the most important tasks of each legal expert include inspection and study in different legal systems and finding the best method in obtaining the best law and right proper with needs and request of human kind which include all aspects and legitimating and remove all hard and difficult rules

Keywords: Ownership Right, Sale Contract, Purchase Contract, Goods

Page: 6-12

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014