International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Examination of various gender and personality to punish person who in Yasouj

Ameneh Ghavam and Mehran Jafari

Abstract: Crime and punishment of offenders has always been one of the problems and concerns of the humanitarian community. That is why the rulers and legislators are trying to root causes of crime, To deal with it and trying to determine the punishment fits the crime so that people deterrent role For reoccurrence of violence by criminal and his fellows are. Therefore, in this study, the effect of gender on crime and punishment With an emphasis on criminal law and a questionnaire was given in Yasouj. Which in the end results of the impact of gender and personality factors indicated that the perpetrator's punishment Change attitudes and change in community understanding of the characteristics, roles, structures male and female characters, can be determined by their criminal behavior patterns have a major direct impact Nature, intensity, amount and type of crime committed by them determine. The Effect of Gender on Iran showed how punishment in criminal law That gender has an impact on criminal law in Iran, leading to legislation between men and women is different. That these differences can be divided into three categories: The first category, supportive aspects And in support of women according to their physical and psychological characteristics and is acceptable to all scholars. The third, a difference that was challenging, and Shiite clerics have been discussed. In this context, can be the difference between men and women in self Diego members and also noted retribution. Results also showed that among the components of Gender records and criminal history record a significant role in the crime and its punishment

Keywords: Personality traits, gender, victimization, sexual offenses, adultery

Page: 28-37

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014