International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Investigating the Weak Points of Legislative Criminal Policy in Support of Vulnerable Classes

Malek Rahmati

Abstract: women in each society and regarding gender classification and the image which exists about them, face problems and threats and it is not only in underdeveloped societies but it is observed even in developed societies. Legislators tend to act against crimes towards women and they count them as the vulnerable class and try to focus on performing protective actions to prevent their victimization. Iran too has involved protective laws for women in its legislative policy and has act against their victimization by dealing with crimes and imposing penalties. Although these works have not been sufficient, Iranian legislators in Islamic Penal Code have acted to deal with crimes and have made some penal rules against women harassment and the issue that men do not fulfil their duties towards their wives. It is obvious that in international level, women situation is better considering gender classification and the issue that their right should be equal to men’s. Women in international level by making fundamental institutions have always tried to fight against discrimination and resolve some particular discrimination issues. It has been tried to export these types of standards to the internal laws and each country has accepted it completely or partially based on its type of political system and governance. Iran’s legislative protection coverage is not sufficient but we can lower the chance of women victimization by making preventive schemes and legal and non-legal solutions and paying attention to causes of women’s vulnerability. In this paper, Iran’s criminal policy towards women victimization is focused during separated chapters. At first it is tried to put under consideration the definition of criminal policy and criminal policy systems and after partial recognition of criminal policy, we discuss about Iran’s legislative criminal policy approach towards women victimization.

Keywords: Criminal policy, crime, prevention, Legislative, vulnerable classes

Page: 20-29

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017