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Design and Analysis of Equivalent Circuit Model Laser VSCEL Parameters Using Photonics

Hamed Moradi,Tayieb Namdaran,Pourya Roostami Gooran,Eiman Pouradad and Moohamad Rasool Aivazie

Abstract: In this paper, we review and implementation of the orbital radiation from the semiconductor laser (VCSEL) described above. At that time, different parts of which this section are: the introduction of laser - The VCSEL - like the former scheme and the new proposal is made. The new proposal aims we have tried to use the software MATLAB and HSPICE simulator analyst can through the circuit thermal modeling VCSEL characteristics of this semiconductor laser to obtain the equivalent circuit. In this study, we have been able Vissel laser circuit model through numerical parameters and formulations to obtain the necessary plans and charts. This modeling through software analyst Hspice, Matlab've done. as follows : A: Characteristic curve IV B: The power output characteristic curve C: The frequency response characteristic curve In this study, the innovation that has been done is that we've been able to model using HSPICE circuit and VCSEL thermal circuit characteristic curve and get it in quantities and using MATLAB software again these quantities in the case heat acquired and the output of both software analyst to compare and examine the state to the conclusion that the values are equivalent circuit VCSEL

Keywords: VSCEL - characteristic IV - power output - frequency response - optical emission

Page: 28-45

DOI: 10.9756/IAJPL/V5I1/1810003

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2018