International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Artificial Bee Colony for Large Scale Economic Load Dispatch

Davoud Moghadam Sheibai,Bahman Mohammadi Berenj Abad and Amin Safari

Abstract: This paper applies an Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) technique for solving non-convex economic load dispatch (NELD) problem. This ABC algorithm is suggested to deal with the practical constraints such as valve point loading effect, generation limitation, ramp rate limits and prohibited operating zones in the NELD problems. Simulations were performed on four different power systems with 3, 6, 15 and 40 generating units and the results are compared with classical particle swarm optimization (PSO) and rough PSO algorithms. The results of this study reveal that the proposed approach is able to find appreciable NELD solutions than those of previous algorithms

Keywords: Artificial Bee Colony, Non-convex Economic Load Dispatch, Rough Particle Swarm Optimization, Valve Point Loading Effect

Page: 1-13

DOI: 10.9756/IAJPL/V5I1/1810006

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2018