International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Compare components of citizenship education from the perspective of Islam and Bernard Crick

Mahin Chenari and Zahra Kazemi Zadeh

Abstract: citizenship is the main idea of social that emerged for help to better understanding of society, relationships of inside it and guiding action and behaviors. In the realm of the theoretical about components of citizenship education, in this field, there is not any little agreement among experts. Because citizenship education combined with the world view of nations, discussion it in our country seem a necessary especially. In this context, the purposes of this paper is compare to the components of citizenship education from perspective of Islam and Bernard Crick, is an English theorist. In this regard, by using analytical method, number of components of citizenship education is deduced and presented. Findings from this research is that freedom, pluralism, tolerance, critical thinking, the rule of law and democratic from components of citizenship education of the vision of Islam. Also, according to Bernard Crick, freedom, patience and tolerance, fairness, acceptance and respect for the truth and accept and respect for reason and rationality are foundation and assumptions of citizenship education

Keywords: Citizenship, citizenship education, citizenship education initiatives in Islam, citizenship educationinitiatives from the perspective of Bernard Crick

Page: 44-55

DOI: 10.9756/IAJPL/V6I1/1910005

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2019