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The role of satellite in changing Islamic lifestyle and Religious identity

Mansouri Samaaneh

Abstract: The lifestyle is a common and general concept which comprises extensive selections, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and it also prepares a model for its tradition. The Islamic lifestyle is reviewable from two aspects: constructing and institutionalizing it in the society and assessing the status quo and determining the distance to desired status. The .main references for extracting the Islamic lifestyle indicators in order to meet both aspects are the Quran, its justice and the wisdom. The two main roles of the media in the young people’s life which can be indicated are to help them in the process of making their identity and acquiring their meaning .with respect to the statistics and the data , television has the most share in spending the individual’s leisure times .Identity is the set of specifications which makes the individuals different from the other or makes him (her) similar to others which many elements may be used for making it .With respect to the carried out researches , the mass media are negative elements which affect the religious identity negatively .The new electronic media due to alterations that they cause on the present human’s understanding , they change the identities into a quite new status which are different and even opposite from the media’s identity of the first era or the modern age .The elements such as media (film , satellite , and internet)are such elements which affect the religious identity negatively .The influence of the satellite on the young people from several belief , cultural and ethical dimensions is considerable . "nudity" , "prostitution" , "illegal sexual relations" , and many other problems are sections of the western culture which are propagated by the satellite , In order to review more precisely and propagate the mentioned issues , this article was prepared and in this way various books and papers have been used and documented

Keywords: Satellite, Islamic lifestyle, religious identity

Page: 65-71

DOI: 10.9756/IAJPL/V6I1/1910007

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2019