International Academic Journal of Politics and Law

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Impact of Factors of Technology, Organizing and Culture on Increasing the Stock Value

Jafar Lozumi

Abstract: The aim of the current research is achieving to high levels to increasing assets regarding to three key factors of business. This study has already done to investigate the impact of Factors of Technology, organizing and Culture on increasing the stock value in Corporations of Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange. The current research in terms of purpose is applied research and in terms of type is descriptive research and it helps firms to consider this increasing the operational way in mechanism of applying aims. Research population of the present research is including all superior and financial managers in Corporations of Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange that the method of sampling was selected by simple random sampling. Data were collected by questionnaire and testing hypothesis was done by entering data to Matlab software and by using derivative system. The findings of the present research indicated that no existence of many indexes and sub-indexes of operation measurement are based on increasing the value in Corporations of Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

Keywords: Technology, Organizing, Culture, Increasing the Stock Value, Tehran Stock Exchange

Page: 24-30

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014