International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Volume 3, Issue 2

Life skills training on the components of psychological positivism (hope and happiness) in irresponsible and orphaned children in Isfahan Province

Siavash Ahmadi, Leila Karimi Joozestani, Mansoor Abedini, Abdolreza Esmaeili and Salar Faramarzi

Page: 52-60

Prediction of Stress Coping Styles Based On Spiritual Intelligence in Nurses

Ali Yazdkhasty, Marzieh Sadat Seyed Khorasani and Ameneh Markoobi Bidgoli

Page: 61-70

Nature and Consequences of the Obligations of NPT Members in the light of the Strong Performance of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Hooshang Amani and Faried Azadbakht

Page: 71-81

Cash Management Effect on Corporate Going-Concern Status: A Comparative Study of Manufacturing Companies and Deposit Money Banks in Ghana and Nigeria (2010-2014)

Agbeja, O. (Ph.D) and Afolabi, C

Page: 82-95

Levels, Trends and Determinants of Under-Five Mortality in Amhara Region, Ethiopia, Evidence from Demographic and Health Survey (2000 - 2011)

Belete Debebe

Page: 96-112