International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN 2454-3918

Volume 4, Issue 1

Subway Expansion, the Only Way to Treat Air Pollution in Tehran

Sasan Raeisi

Page: 63-69

The effectiveness of cognitive - behavioral therapy and emotional disclosure on reducing students' anxiety in roshtkhars Payam Noor University

Fateme Tajia, Hasan Rahmanpour and Elahe Pourakbaran

Page: 70-78

Transforming the school into a learning organization

Alireza Tavakoli, Sakine Saleh Darjani, Vajihe Faraji and Ainaz Fallah

Page: 79-83

Comparative study of social asset in addicts and rehabilitated drug addicts in Gorgan

Rahmat Olah Amirahmadi and Hamidreza Yazdani

Page: 84-91

The Investigation of Teachers’ and Students’ Attitudes toward Form-Focused Instruction

Mohammad Rasoul Homayoun and Seyed Mohammad Ali Mansoorian

Page: 92-100