International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering

  • ISSN 2454-3896

Volume 2, Issue 2

A Survey of the Solutions to Detect and Deal with File Injection Attacks in Web Sites through Access to Web Server Shared Resources

Yaghoob Noroozi Ayeblo and Ahmad Faraahi

Page: 234-248

Recent Time Synchronization Protocol’s in Wireless Sensor Networks

Seyed Kazem Kazeminezhad

Page: 249-257

A Critical Review of Linux Memory Management Recent Articles

S. Abdolreza Pishvaei and S.Talayeh Tabibi

Page: 258-264

Modified Histogram Based Contrast Enhancement using Homomorphic Filtering for Medical Images

Farzad yaghoubi dizaji

Page: 265-273

Modelling the Best-client Data Replication Method based on Stochastic Reward Nets

Zahra Sotudenia and Hassan Motallebi

Page: 274-284